2018 Two Hands Bella's Garden Shiraz

$67.60 per single bottle

About This Wine

The idea for Two Hands was born in September 1999 when founders Michael Twelftree and Richard Mintz sat at a friend’s engagement party and decided it was time to make their own wine and market it on the world stage. The original aim was, and still is, to make the best possible Shiraz-based wines from prized growing regions throughout Australia. With so much Australian wine being sold around the globe under multi-region labels in a formulaic style, the intention was to break the mould and showcase the diversity of Australian Shiraz by highlighting regional and vineyard characteristics by allowing the fruit to be the primary feature of the wines. Two Hands’ first vintage was in 2000, starting with just 17 tonnes of fruit. The journey had started.


Today, Two Hands is owned by Michael Twelftree, together with Colorado native Tim Hower. With regards to their winemaking style, Two Hands strive to produce wines that reflect their origin, meaning that they show the characteristics associated with the regions and vineyard sites from where the fruit was sourced. Fruit is the primary feature of the wines, supported by the tannin and acid structure. Minimal intervention and oak handling allow the character of the fruit to shine through. Six months after vintage, every barrel in the winery is blind tasted by Michael and Winemaker Ben Perkins and given a classification grade associated with its place in the Two Hands portfolio: from A+ to D (and anything C or below not used in Two Hands final production). With this focus on detail, it means only the best barrels make it through and quality is maintained even in the toughest vintages, albeit at lower quantities.

Type Red Wine
Varietal(s) Shiraz
Country Australia
Region Barossa Valley
Brand Two Hands
Vintage 2018

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