Louis Max Brouilly 2015

$29.99 per single bottle
Size: 750

About This Wine


Brouilly is an emblematic appellation of the Beaujolais,
located in the heart of this wine region. The granitic soil
of this vineyard is excellent for the Gamay. Brouilly
wines are especially popular in Parisian bistros and
cafés .


100% Gamay


Manual harvest with a strict grape sorting and
traditional Beaujolais winemaking. Fermentation in
stainless steel tanks to preserve the fruit-driven style of
wines from the Beaujolais.


Beautiful garnet red robe with purple hints.
Intense aromas of fresh fruits: cherry, strawberry, and
fresh grape.
Smooth and very fruity in the mouth, it is a generous
and easy to drink wine.


Perfect with grilled red meats, roasted poultries, light
dinners and cheeses.

To be served at 13°C.
This wine is ready to drink,it can be kept for 3 to 4 years.

Type Red Wine
Varietal(s) Gamay
Country France
Region Beaujolais
Brand Louis Max
Vintage 2015

Wines from Beaujolais

The Beaujolais region is in the southern part of Burgundy or the central-right part of France near the Swiss city of Geneva. While administratively considered part of the Burgundy wine region, the climate is closer to Rhône and the wine is sufficiently individual in character to be considered separate from Burgundy and Rhône.

Beaujolais is synonymous with the Gamay grape, as that is almost all of what they make there. Gamay is a red grape with thin skins and so produces red wine with low tannins. Gamay from the region also tends to be very light-bodied for a red wine and relatively high in acidity.

The region is also renowned internationally for it’s use of carbonic maceration. This is a winemaking technique where whole grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide rich environment prior to crushing. Normally, wines are crushed to free the pulp and juice which is then fermented with yeast to convert the sugars into alcohol. Wines that are made by carbonic maceration are fruity and are very low in tannins as they haven’t had as much skin contact. Wines are also ready to drink quickly but lack the structure for long-term aging.

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