World Wine's Rosés Sale Dozen

Size: 750

About This Wine

If some of you are needing more wine over summer (and perhaps who isn't ....), our mixed cases may be the answer. Throughout the year, we put together a number of cases to suit the season. This time, we have cases of whites, rosés, reds and mixed dozens (this is the mixed rosés dozen), chosen to suit the warmer temperatures and social occasions of the early new year.

We've capped the price at $199/case, which is a serious saving to the added-up price of all twelve wines in the cases.

We have approximately 80-100 different items to blend into the cases so there will be a terrific mix and most of the wines will last well beyond this year (I would say 2-4 years at least).

Our only criteria for the case is...would I drink the bottle myself? If the answer is yes, it goes into the mix.

Due to the (expected) volume of replies (who wouldn't want cases such as these for $199?), please order at your earliest convenience – I cannot "manufacture" additional cases than I've already set aside - once they're gone, they're gone.

All have pristine/original provenance, all are recent/good vintages (no old plonk here) and all are valued at more than the individual average – in most cases, way more (when I use the term "valued" I mean from us, not some over-inflated/hypothetical retail price with a slash through it that no one on the face of the earth will offer – that means the actual value is even greater).

Type Special Cases
Brand World Wine
Vintage 2016

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