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99pt D’Yquem 2019 Pre Arrival Offer + 'La Goya' Manzanilla - New Releases

99pt D’Yquem 2019 Pre Arrival Offer + 'La Goya' Manzanilla - New Releases

Thomas Allen |

2019 Château d'Yquem, G.C.C Sauternes - Pre Arrival
Extremely limited amounts of 375ml, 750ml & 1500ml

"Yquem 2019 (55% Sémillon; 45% Sauvignon Blanc; alcohol 14.5%; pH 3.90; residual sugar 138 g/L). This is uniquely brilliant and brilliantly unique – a singular but utterly sublime Yquem. There are two kinds of vintage when it comes to Yquem: those in which it is the very best of a closely bunched group of wondrous Sauternes and Barsac and others in which it is in a league and of a class entirely of its own. 2019, like 2015, belongs to the second category of vintages – premier cru supérieur indeed! An incredibly vibrant and energetic wine. It is also fantastically complex. One starts almost to engage in a game of auto-suggestion – any citrus or umami note you can or could ever imagine is discernible here, you just have to conjure the idea in your head and there it is! Indeed, once one tunes into its wavelength it is almost impossible not to be struck by how clearly present and how well expressed each such element is. I wonder how many other vintages of Yquem one can play this game with. The problem, of course, is that this renders rather redundant the convention of listing even the most obvious elements. But the most striking, to me, it seems are saffron, mimosa and clementine, confit lime and white grapefruit, toasted brioche with melted beurre à la fleur de sel, frangipane, verbena, crushed mint leaf, apricot skin and confit ginger. More important is the overall impression: of total harmony, brightness, lift, levity, translucence and clarity. This is sinuous rather than linear; scintillating and pixilated rather than precisely focused per se and staggeringly complex and dynamic. It is also incredibly accessible, with all of its brilliant complexity of youth so evident. The acidity and the sense of crystalline clarity that it brings is captivating too. Very intellectual, even for Yquem and unlike any other Yquem I have ever tasted, at least in part because of the higher proportion of Sauvignon Blanc in the final blend. Pierre Lurton reminds me of Frédéric Dard’s famous comment: “Yquem est la lumière bu”. Indeed. 99." - Arabella Mileham, Drinks Business.
(99 Points)

- Neal Martin, Vinous, February 2022
(98 Points)

*Pre-orders close April 7th 2022

Arriving October 2022

375ml - $399
750ml - $765
1500ml - $1520

Click the link below to let us know via email how much you would like and we will confirm your allocation once we finalise numbers.

Château d'Yquem | Pre Arrival Request

The Return of the World's Best Commerical Fino!

Delgado Zuleta 'La Goya' Manzanilla (375ml)

- Only $24.99

Look, let's not beat around the bush: life has been pretty tough without La Goya. But fear not! Just in time for oyster season to kick back in, a fresh shipment of La Goya has landed. Bottled in January this year, this is as fresh as it gets, folks! 

"The La Goya is a long-time favourite – that it comes in half bottles, is sealed with a screwcap and includes its bottling date, is a triple bonus. Its shimmering colour and subtle aromas of sea spray, oyster shell and fresh finger lime set the scene. The flavours are fine and long with a gentle phenolic grip offering a farewell salute." - Peter Bourne (Gourmet Traveller Wine) 
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