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Showing 1 - 11 of 11 products
Vallformosa ‘MVSA’ Rosado NV-Rose Wine-World Wine
Vallformosa ‘MVSA’ Rosado NV
  • spain
La Purisima 'Estio' Monastrell Blend-Red Wine-World Wine
La Purisima 'Estio' Monastrell Blend
Telmo Rodríguez ‘Almuvedre’ Monastrell-Red Wine-World Wine
Telmo Rodríguez ‘Almuvedre’ Monastrell
Primitivo Quiles ‘Raspay’ Monastrell 2016-Red Wine-World Wine
Primitivo Quiles ‘Raspay’ Monastrell 2016
Pepe Mendoza Casa Agrícola ‘El Veneno’ Single Vineyard Monastrell 2018
Pepe Mendoza Casa Agrícola ‘El Veneno’ Single Vineyard Monastrell 2018
Pepe Mendoza Casa Agrícola Monastrell-Giró 2020
Pepe Mendoza Casa Agrícola Monastrell-Giró 2020
Bondar Nero 2023-Red Wine-World Wine
Bondar Nero 2023

James Halliday – "A blend of a tank and an egg ferment, the latter replete with 40% whole bunches. The former, raised in older oak. Young vines, handled gently. It shows. With a brisk chill, this could be quaffed as a richer rosato or even a lighter red. Delicious! Dark cherry, amaro, clove and lozenge with a whiff of wild fennel and greenery at the finish for levity. A dangerously easy mid-weighter to drink a great deal of." - Ned Goodwin MW (Halliday Wine Companion)

Bondar Monastrell 2022-Red Wine-World Wine
Bondar Monastrell 2022
Bondar Monastrell 2021-Red Wine-World Wine
Bondar Monastrell 2021
twf 93

The Wine Front – "Honey, nuts, blood orange and red fruits. It's juicy, fresh, a little sappy, poached strawberry and blood plum, grilled meat, some dried herb perfume, light grip of shale-like tannin, a pleasing bitterness, and freshness, and a finish of solid length. Excellent drinking. Frisky and lively. Yum." -Gary Walsh (The Wine Front)


James Halliday – "Neither fined nor filtered. An exceptionally juicy monastrell (aka, mourvèdre), with a gentle build of texture and structure. It's a whole lot more than just another '21 fruit bomb. What a virtuoso display. 100 dozen made." - James Halliday. (Halliday Wine Companion)

Viña Elena Paco Pacheco Dulce 2017 (12 bottle case)-Red Wine-World Wine
Viña Elena Paco Pacheco Dulce 2017 (12 bottle case)
Viña Elena Pacheco Monastrell Organic 2018 (12 bottle case)-Red Wine-World Wine
Viña Elena Pacheco Monastrell Organic 2018 (12 bottle case)
Monastrell, also known internationally as Mourvèdre, finds its roots in the sun-drenched regions of Spain. This grape variety flourishes under warm climates, resulting in wines that are robust and brimming with character. With a dark, almost inky hue, Monastrell wines captivate the senses with notes of dark fruits, such as plums and blackberries, harmoniously balanced by hints of spice and earthiness. This wine is not just about its intense flavors; its history is equally intriguing. The grape's journey can be traced back to ancient Phoenician settlements, making it one of the oldest known varieties. Over time, as it spread across various regions, each area imparted its unique touch, enriching the Monastrell narrative. With such a storied past and a palate that resonates depth, it's no wonder wine enthusiasts hold Monastrell wines in high esteem.
Monastrell wine originates from the ancient grape variety known as Monastrell. In other parts of the world, especially France, it's often referred to as Mourvèdre. This wine is particularly celebrated for its deep, purple-red hue and bold flavors. Monastrell wines typically present a tantalizing blend of fruity and spicy notes, with dark fruit undertones, often reminiscent of blackberries and plums. These wines can also exhibit earthy characteristics, such as leather and tobacco, especially when aged in oak barrels. The robust nature of Monastrell wines makes them ideal for those who appreciate a wine with depth and complexity.
The Monastrell grape thrives in the warm and sunny climates of Spain, particularly in regions like Jumilla, Yecla, and Alicante. These areas offer the optimal conditions for the grape to ripen fully, leading to wines that are rich and intensely flavored. In Jumilla, especially, the grape has found its perfect match in terms of terroir, with the region producing some of the most outstanding Monastrell wines on the global stage. However, it's worth noting that the variety also finds expression in other regions like Bandol in France, where it's known as Mourvèdre.
Monastrell's popularity has grown substantially in recent years, and there are numerous wines that have garnered attention. Some of the most recognized Monastrell wines come from Jumilla, where winemakers have mastered the art of expressing the grape's full potential. Brands such as Bodegas El Nido and Casa Castillo have received accolades for their Monastrell expressions. Additionally, Monastrell blends, where the grape is combined with others like Syrah or Grenache, are also gaining traction and popularity among wine enthusiasts.
For those looking for exceptional value, Monastrell offers some fantastic options. Due to its lesser-known status compared to other international grape varieties, many Monastrell wines are priced very reasonably without compromising on quality. Bodegas Juan Gil and Tarima Hill are two examples of producers that offer high-quality Monastrell wines at attractive price points. Their wines capture the essence of the grape while being friendly on the wallet, making them favorites among both connoisseurs and casual wine drinkers.
Monastrell wines, with their rich and bold profile, pair beautifully with hearty dishes. Grilled red meats, especially lamb and beef, are classic pairings that bring out the wine's depth. The wine's spicy notes also make it an ideal match for dishes with a kick, such as chorizo or spicy sausages. For those preferring vegetarian options, roasted vegetables or dishes with earthy mushrooms complement the wine's inherent earthiness. Strong cheeses, like Manchego or aged cheddar, also provide a delightful contrast to the wine's robust character.