Pierre Chermette Vissoux Les Griottes Beaujolais 2018

$30.99 per single bottle
Size: 750

About This Wine

Les Griottes means 'the small cherries' in reference to the grove of cherry trees that flank the vineyard. Vissoux's entry cuvée is drawn from 20-40 year old vines grown on dark, granite soils around the Chermette homestead in Saint-Vérand (central Beaujolais). The winemaking here has remained unchanged during Pierre-Marie Chermette's tenure, so traditional, whole bunch, semi-carbonic ferment in concrete and maturation in tank and generations-old oak tuns. The difference here is a short maceration (4 or so days) and less time in vats. The aim here is to produce something light bodied and red fruited with reach-for-another-glass deliciousness. 

This product is also a part of our French Reds Quality Tasting Case.

Type Red Wine
Varietal(s) Gamay
Country France
Region Beaujolais
Brand Domaine du Vissoux
Vintage 2018

Wines from Beaujolais

The Beaujolais region is in the southern part of Burgundy or the central-right part of France near the Swiss city of Geneva. While administratively considered part of the Burgundy wine region, the climate is closer to Rhône and the wine is sufficiently individual in character to be considered separate from Burgundy and Rhône.

Beaujolais is synonymous with the Gamay grape, as that is almost all of what they make there. Gamay is a red grape with thin skins and so produces red wine with low tannins. Gamay from the region also tends to be very light-bodied for a red wine and relatively high in acidity.

The region is also renowned internationally for it’s use of carbonic maceration. This is a winemaking technique where whole grapes are fermented in a carbon dioxide rich environment prior to crushing. Normally, wines are crushed to free the pulp and juice which is then fermented with yeast to convert the sugars into alcohol. Wines that are made by carbonic maceration are fruity and are very low in tannins as they haven’t had as much skin contact. Wines are also ready to drink quickly but lack the structure for long-term aging.


The Wine Front – I tasted this at room temperature then put it in the sample fridge (very cold) and tasted it. I liked it both way, but geez, did it work a treat as it came up from that mini-bar fridge. Organic farming and low yield vines are the baseline here. This is entry level stuff, but righteous. I could write ‘cherry juice with light tannins’ and that could do me. The essence of cherries is writ large in this utterly delicious, fun loving, wildly drinkable wine. Scents of cherry, medicinal elixir (in a nice way!), sweet herbs. Flavours of similar with ultra crisp acidity and a barely there pucker of chalky tannins. I wish every bar splashed this into a glass when you asked for a light, quaffable red. Simple stuff done so well.

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