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Our location

We are located in the heart of Melbourne and stock a range of specialty wines.

We also have access to more than 5000 fine wines from around the world through our local supplier network. Sometimes a vintage changes, or our suppliers sell out of stock without us yet being able to push through a timely update on our website.

If you would like to confirm stock levels before placing your order, please contact us here. Alternatively, if products are unavailable you will be informed in a reasonable time and we will process a refund/replacement for you.

About This Wine

Throughout the year, we put together several special sale dozens to suit the season. This is a case of beautiful, collectible, cellarable but also drinkable-now reds and whites.

We rummage through the warehouse and pool new arrivals, pallet-ends, changed vintages and the like. We also add have several rich and fruit-focused imports that have just arrived (not yet offered) and they are tossed into the mix as well.

We want to keep the $ very low – so low that you can open every bottle without care - $25+ seems like a good average (considering every wine in the mix was originally offered for more than that (or would have been), you will not lose in this endeavour – many of the wines were $30-45 and they are not even at peak).

We put something for everyone in the mixes – perhaps some Barossa Shiraz, Burgundy Pinot and Chardonnay, Californian and South African reds, Latin American Malbec, Italian Pinot Grigio, German Riesling. We have approximately 300 different wines to blend into the cases so there will be a terrific mix and many of the wines will last well beyond this year (2-15 years at least).

Our only criteria for the case is...would we drink the wine ourselves? If the answer is yes, it goes into the mix.

All have pristine/original provenance, all are good vintages (no tired plonk here) and all are valued at more than the individual average – in most cases, way more (when I use the term "valued" I mean from us, not some over-inflated/hypothetical retail price with a slash through it that no one on the face of the earth will offer – that means the actual value is even greater).

ALSO, one case in three comes with a ‘knockout’ bottle of something truly extraordinary. It might be a Langton’s ‘Exceptional’ wine, a Grand Cru Burgundy, or a second growth Bordeaux. We can’t guarantee that if you buy three cases, you will get such a bottle. Or you might get lucky and buy three cases and every one will contain an exceptional bottle of wine. All we can say is that every third case as packed, includes a truly remarkable wine.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVED up to 6 x cases/person (72 total bottles – by requesting more than one case, you are bound to receive a really interesting mix of bottles - if nothing else, this is a terrific opportunity at education where the choices have been performed on your behalf but the benefits are all yours)...

Type Special Cases
Brand World Wine
Vintage 2019

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