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Glenguin Vineyard Semillon 2023-White Wine-World Wine
Glenguin Vineyard Semillon 2023

World Wine – 'This is a seriously good semillon, just starting to open up and drink well, and will continue to do so for many years. The palate is juicy and ripe, fresh and clean and bright, with delicious lemon/herb fruit and a compelling juiciness. Already eminently drinkable.' 95 points - Gourmet Traveller Wine


Huon Hooke – 'Light straw-yellow colour. The aromas are superbly fresh and intense, youthful and bright, with herb and lemon aromas of real charm. The palate is juicy and ripe, fresh and clean and bright, with delicious lemon and herb and a compelling juiciness. It's fresh, youthful, reserved and not at all austere or tight. The acidity is perfectly balanced, the wine is eminently drinkable now and will certainly age well. A seriously good young semillon.' 95 points - Huon Hooke,

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Pierro LTC Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2022-White Wine-World Wine
Pierro LTC Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2022
twf 92

The Wine Front – Sauvignon blanc and semillon with some chardonnay, they say. This is the Little Touch Of Christmas label (which is just a festive season alternative). About 20% is barrel fermented. It’s been a winning drink for a long while. Good balance, refreshing feel, easy going texture with a touch of extra interest. There’s good intensity of green pea/grassy semillon and a counter punch of tropical fruity semillon. The palate has good energy, stacks of freshness, dry finish. There’s all the citrus and zestiness to acidity you could ask for. Kind of an old school Margaret River dry white kind of feel, in the best possible way. It’s got plenty of charisma.

Voyager Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon-White Wine-World Wine
Voyager Estate Sauvignon Blanc Semillon
Spinifex Lola 2021-White Wine-World Wine
Spinifex Lola 2021

World Wine – Formed from ugni blanc, clairette, viognier, muscat-a-petit grains, riesling. Mostly ugni blanc though. Old vines, low yields here. The wine was matured on lees for its life before bottling. This is delicious. It’s slippery in texture, fragrant and bursting with character. Honey, lemon blossom, pear, green apple in the bouquet, suggestively sweet, but not so to taste. Glides in the palate, shows depth of pear-like flavours, licks of oatmeal and sweet spice. Precise, but with a come hither drinking appeal. Lovely stuff.

Château La Caussade Sainte-Croix-du-Mont 2019 375ml-White Wine-World Wine
Château La Caussade Sainte-Croix-du-Mont 2019 375ml
Moss Wood Semillon 2021-White Wine-World Wine
Moss Wood Semillon 2021
Clarendelle Blanc 2018 (12 bottle case)-White Wine-World Wine
Clarendelle Blanc 2018 (12 bottle case)

Wine Spectator – A light straw note frames modest tangerine and grapefruit peel flavors, with a flicker of quinine adding zip to the finish.

Hay Shed Hill Block 1 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2022-White Wine-World Wine
Hay Shed Hill Block 1 Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2022
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Chateau Thieuley Blanc 2015-White Wine-World Wine
Chateau Thieuley Blanc 2015
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Château La Caussade Bordeaux Blanc 2021-White Wine-World Wine
Château La Caussade Bordeaux Blanc 2021
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Kaesler Old Vine Semillon (12 Bottle Case)-White Wine-World Wine
Kaesler Old Vine Semillon (12 Bottle Case)
Farm Hand Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2023-White Wine-World Wine
Farm Hand Semillon Sauvignon Blanc 2023
Boekenhoutskloof Franschhoek Semillon (screw cap) 2016-White Wine-World Wine
Boekenhoutskloof Franschhoek Semillon (screw cap) 2016
Château Roumieu Sauternes 375ml 2012-White Wine-World Wine
Château Roumieu Sauternes 375ml 2012
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Château Huradin Graves Blanc 2020-White Wine-World Wine
Château Huradin Graves Blanc 2020
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Château Jonc-Blanc Jonc Blanc VDF Rouge Sens du Fruit 2018-White Wine-World Wine
Château Jonc-Blanc Jonc Blanc VDF Rouge Sens du Fruit 2018
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Castello Della Sala Estate Marchese Antinori Castello della Sala Muffato IGT 500ml 2019-White Wine-World Wine
Castello Della Sala Estate Marchese Antinori Castello della Sala Muffato IGT 500ml 2019
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Chateau La Reserve de Malartic Pessac Leognan 2015-White Wine-World Wine
Chateau La Reserve de Malartic Pessac Leognan 2015
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Flametree Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2022-White Wine-World Wine
Flametree Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2022

James Halliday – While tasting this, I kept thinking, 'I’d like to be at Prevelly beach watching the setting sun and drinking this while doing so.' In the meantime, be transported by the juicy tang of this blend, its freshness and lively acidity. - Jane Faulkner

Ashbrook Estate Semillon 2020-White Wine-World Wine
Ashbrook Estate Semillon 2020

James Halliday – Hand picked over 5 days, fermented in stainless steel. Ashbrook has long made a varietal semillon of very good quality and this vintage is no exception. Grassy, tense and decidedly nervy, combining spring snow pea, jasmine tea and green pineapple. It has a distinct white-pepper character that laces through the fruit and lingers on the finish. - Erin Larkin

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Clos Floridène Blanc Graves 2018-White Wine-World Wine
Clos Floridène Blanc Graves 2018

Decanter – Outer quote mark This has grassy Sauvignon notes with juice running through it and clear sense of balance and grip. It's a good white wine, full of pleasure, not as soaring as the best vintages here, but still plenty to talk about. 25% new oak was used with integral fermentation. (JA) Inner quote mark (3/2019)

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Empire of Dirt Valkyrie Aromatic White Field Blend 2020-White Wine-World Wine
Empire of Dirt Valkyrie Aromatic White Field Blend 2020
One Good Turn Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (6 Bottle Case)-White Wine-World Wine
One Good Turn Semillon Sauvignon Blanc (6 Bottle Case)
Semillon is a golden-skinned grape that originated in the Bordeaux region of France. This grape variety, while less known than some of its counterparts, is an essential component in the production of the famed Sauternes and other Bordeaux white blends. Its character is often marked by distinct flavors of honey, figs, and citrus, particularly when aged. Over time, mature Semillon wines can develop intriguing notes of lanolin and toast, presenting a deep and layered drinking experience. Notably, the grape also has a significant presence in Australia's Hunter Valley, where it transforms into wines with grassy and green apple notes in their youth, maturing to richer, toasty flavors with age. Its adaptability to various winemaking techniques and climates means that Semillon has a range of expressions, each revealing a unique facet of this intriguing varietal.
Semillon is a classic white grape variety originating from the Bordeaux region of France. Renowned for its golden hue, Semillon is fundamental in crafting some of the world's most celebrated sweet wines, including the illustrious Sauternes. Beyond its sweet wine credentials, Semillon can be vinified into an array of styles, from dry and crisp to rich and oaked. A signature trait of this varietal is its affinity to age, allowing the wine to evolve, revealing complex layers of flavor profiles, including honey, beeswax, and citrus, coupled with a full-bodied and waxy texture.
While Bordeaux is the birthplace of Semillon, producing both exceptional sweet and dry white wines, Australia's Hunter Valley has carved out its niche, becoming synonymous with world-class Semillon. In the Hunter Valley, Semillon is made into dry white wines, celebrated for their longevity, with flavors that evolve from citrusy and grassy to rich, toasty, and honeyed nuances as they age. Other regions like South Africa's Western Cape and parts of Washington State in the US also contribute to the grape's international footprint, each offering its distinctive take on Semillon.
The limelight of Semillon wines undeniably shines on the sweet wines of Sauternes and Barsac in Bordeaux, with Château d'Yquem standing as a pinnacle of excellence. In Australia, Hunter Valley's aged Semillons, which transform over time, gaining complexity and depth, have garnered global acclaim. Labels like Tyrrell's Vat 1 and Brokenwood ILR Reserve are benchmarks for the region's Semillon.
While there are top-tier Semillons that fetch premium prices, the grape is also known for its outstanding value propositions. In Bordeaux, look beyond the famous Sauternes estates to find high-quality but more affordable options. Regions like Graves produce commendable dry Semillon blends that won't break the bank. In Australia, outside of the acclaimed Hunter Valley producers, regions like Barossa and Margaret River offer excellent value Semillon wines, showcasing the grape's versatility and appeal.
Semillon's wide spectrum of styles dictates its pairing capabilities. Dry Semillons, with their crisp acidity and citrus notes, complement dishes like grilled seafood, chicken salads, and soft cheeses. The richer, oak-aged versions are ideal with roasted poultry, creamy pasta dishes, and even pork. Sweet Sauternes-style Semillon wines, with their honeyed richness, are divine with blue cheese, foie gras, and desserts like crème brûlée or fruit tarts. The wine's adaptability ensures it finds harmony with a diverse range of cuisines, enhancing the dining experience.