Wine is always in style and always a perfect – and appropriate - gift for friends, family or colleagues. However, it's not always easy to pick out the right wine gift. You want the wine to match the occasion, the season, and the recipient's personality. Here are a few tips and ideas for gifts with class.

We make it easy...

Avoid holiday or other seasonal stress and consider our wine gift collections for that perfect gift. Already thoughtfully organized and arranged by our wine experts, these collections will appeal to wine novices and aficionados alike. From our latest assortment of 90+ rated gifts to our Worldly gift sets that celebrate a famous wine region in every gift, World Wine has hand picked and tasted wines to showcase wines, regions and varietals.

If you don't want to say it once, but instead what to be remembered all year long, World Wine Clubs are the way to go. They are a wonderful way to introduce wine lovers to new and different wines or help aspiring collectors to build their wine cellar. Our Wine Clubs offer that personal touch that keeps giving and giving...
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Go Vintage
People love vintage – vintage clothes, vintage cars, vintage furniture - vintage wine is no different. The stamp of a year, or the vintage, can be a big deal on certain wines. In particular, Port. A vintage port is a stand out gift that has a bit of class and regality behind it. Port is known as the Englishman's drink. Yes, port is from Portugal, but most of it was exported to Britain for centuries and enjoyed with a cigar after dinner. While we may not have much of that post-dinner ceremony any more, we do look at port as a somewhat regal drink. Beyond vintage port, there are a slew of other options, like aged tawnies, Late Bottled Vintage or "port" style wines from other regions.
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Collectors Items

Some wines are classic collectibles – Bordeaux, cult Cabernets from California, Burgundy... Whatever your fancy, we have something to fit that aspiring collector on your gift list. Our collectibles can be enjoyed now, or put down for a decade or so. These wines are ideal for anyone who appreciates quality, patience and age in their wine.
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Say it with bubbles 

There's nothing quite like the sound of a Champagne pop during the the holiday season or any momentous celebration - even if the celebration is to celebrate opening a bottle of Champagne (or other sparkling wine)! Bubbly in the glass represents celebration, fun and holiday cheer. Whether you're heading to a party, want to say thanks for being a great boss, or congratulations on anything and everything, you cannot go wrong with bottles that sparkle.
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