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Showing 1 - 36 of 88 products
Wild's Gully Heavenly Moscato-White Wine-World Wine
Wild's Gully Heavenly Moscato
Motley Cru Pinot Grigio 2023-White Wine-World Wine
Motley Cru Pinot Grigio 2023
Wood Park ‘The Tuscan’ Red Blend 2021-Red Wine-World Wine
Wood Park ‘The Tuscan’ Red Blend 2021
Pizzini Brachetto Moscato-Style Rose-Rose Wine-World Wine
Pizzini Brachetto Moscato-Style Rose
Wild's Gully Tempranillo-Red Wine-World Wine
Wild's Gully Tempranillo
Gapsted Estate 'Mariposa 'Moscato 2023-White Wine-World Wine
Gapsted Estate 'Mariposa 'Moscato 2023
Wood Park ‘Alpine’ Chardonnay 2021-White Wine-World Wine
Wood Park ‘Alpine’ Chardonnay 2021
Wild's Gully Cabernet Merlot-Red Wine-World Wine
Wild's Gully Cabernet Merlot
Pizzini ‘Rosetta’ Sangiovese Rose-Rose Wine-World Wine
Pizzini ‘Rosetta’ Sangiovese Rose
Pizzini ‘Nonna Gisella’ Sangiovese 2023-Red Wine-World Wine
Pizzini ‘Nonna Gisella’ Sangiovese 2023
Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco NV-White Wine-World Wine
Dal Zotto Pucino Prosecco NV

James Halliday – This is the OG – the one that started the whole crazy, controversial movement towards prosecco in this country. It brings energy, zest, plenty of bubbly attitude and a just-glad-to-be-alive vivacity that can't fail to excite. Flavours are bright in red apple, lemon zest, quince and tart grapefruit, with acidity running bright and pristine. Don't overthink it, just enjoy.


James Suckling – A fresh, apple and pear nose with some hints of lemon, too. The palate has a fresh, brisk and attractively crisp feel. Plenty of flavor and plenty of freshness. Drink now.

Wild's Gully Sauvignon Blanc-White Wine-World Wine
Wild's Gully Sauvignon Blanc
Pizzini ‘Forza di Ferro’ Sangiovese 2019-Red Wine-World Wine
Pizzini ‘Forza di Ferro’ Sangiovese 2019
Motley Cru Prosecco-White Wine-World Wine
Motley Cru Prosecco
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Ish Fiano 2019 (6 Bottle Case)-Current Promotions-World Wine
Ish Fiano 2019 (6 Bottle Case)
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James Halliday – Hand-picked, free-run juice wild-fermented in used demimuids, matured in oak on lees for 8 months. Quite luscious in the relative context of pinot gris, with a pear and tropical fruit mix that extends from the start to the aftertaste.

$140.99 $148.43
Wild's Gully Classic Dry Red-Red Wine-World Wine
Wild's Gully Classic Dry Red
Pizzini Sangiovese Shiraz-Red Wine-World Wine
Pizzini Sangiovese Shiraz
Pizzini Prosecco NV-White Wine-World Wine
Pizzini Prosecco NV
Wood Park ‘Whitlands’ Pinot Gris 2023-White Wine-World Wine
Wood Park ‘Whitlands’ Pinot Gris 2023
Pizzini Canaiolo 2019-Red Wine-World Wine
Pizzini Canaiolo 2019
Dal Zotto Sangiovese 2022-Red Wine-World Wine
Dal Zotto Sangiovese 2022
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Tar & Rosés Prosecco NV-Champagne & Sparkling-World Wine
Tar & Rosés Prosecco NV
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$24.99 $26.02
Motley Cru Sangiovese-Red Wine-World Wine
Motley Cru Sangiovese
Pizzini Verduzzo 2023-White Wine-World Wine
Pizzini Verduzzo 2023
Wood Park ‘Kneebones Gap’ Shiraz 2021-Red Wine-World Wine
Wood Park ‘Kneebones Gap’ Shiraz 2021
Wood Park ‘Forgotten Patch’ Sangiovese 2022-Red Wine-World Wine
Wood Park ‘Forgotten Patch’ Sangiovese 2022
Dal Zotto Barbera 2021-Red Wine-World Wine
Dal Zotto Barbera 2021
Motley Cru Pinot Noir-Red Wine-World Wine
Motley Cru Pinot Noir
Motley Cru Sauvignon Blanc-White Wine-World Wine
Motley Cru Sauvignon Blanc
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Ish Sangiovese (6 Bottle Case)-Current Promotions-World Wine
Ish Sangiovese (6 Bottle Case)
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$140.99 $148.43
Pizzini Prosecco Magnum NV-Red Wine-World Wine
Pizzini Prosecco Magnum NV
Gapsted Estate ‘High Country’ Pinot Noir 2021-Red Wine-World Wine
Gapsted Estate ‘High Country’ Pinot Noir 2021
Wood Park Reserve Zinfandel 2019-Red Wine-World Wine
Wood Park Reserve Zinfandel 2019

James Halliday

Pizzini ‘Coronamento’ Reserve Nebbiolo 2018-Red Wine-World Wine
Pizzini ‘Coronamento’ Reserve Nebbiolo 2018
Pizzini Barbera 2022-Red Wine-World Wine
Pizzini Barbera 2022
Pizzini Pinot Grigio-White Wine-World Wine
Pizzini Pinot Grigio
King Valley, with its rolling hills and serene landscapes, is more than just a wine-producing region; it's a testament to the enduring passion of the winemakers who call it home. Nestled in the foothills of the Victorian Alps in Australia, this valley boasts a climate that's uniquely suited for viticulture, with cool evenings and sun-drenched days. Such conditions have made it an ideal place for cultivating a variety of grapes, particularly those of Italian origin. Over the years, the region has become synonymous with Prosecco, but its offerings don't stop there. From the aromatic allure of its Gewürztraminers to the deep complexities of its Nebbiolos, King Valley is a testament to the magic that occurs when nature and winemaker work in perfect harmony. The area also holds numerous festivals and events throughout the year, celebrating its rich heritage and the vibrant community that thrives within its bounds.
King Valley is a captivating wine region situated in northeastern Victoria, Australia. Nestled amidst the magnificent foothills of the Victorian Alps, the valley spans a diverse landscape that ranges from snow-capped peaks to verdant pastures, flowing rivers, and sprawling vineyards. This picturesque setting is not just a treat for the eyes but also sets the stage for a unique microclimate that benefits viticulture. Its location offers cool evenings combined with warm daytime temperatures, creating a nurturing environment for grapes to flourish.
Absolutely! King Valley is renowned for producing high-quality wines that are both delightful to the palate and friendly on the pocket. Thanks to the valley's conducive climate and rich soils, vineyards are able to produce wines of exceptional character and depth. Many wineries in the region focus on sustainable farming, which further enhances the natural flavors of the grapes. While the quality is top-tier, King Valley wines remain reasonably priced, providing wine enthusiasts an opportunity to enjoy premium wines without breaking the bank.
King Valley's uniqueness lies in its combination of fertile soils, variable altitudes, and a climate that's a blend of warm days and cool nights. This dynamic landscape allows vintners to cultivate a diverse range of grape varieties. Moreover, the region's Italian heritage has led to the introduction and success of many Italian grape varietals. Winemakers in King Valley are also known for their innovative techniques and willingness to experiment, constantly pushing the envelope and introducing wine lovers to new and intriguing flavors.
While King Valley is home to a variety of wine types, it's most celebrated for its Prosecco. This bubbly, effervescent wine has found a perfect home in the valley's climate and soils. The region's Prosecco is characterized by its delicate aromas, light body, and crisp finish, making it a favorite among many. Beyond Prosecco, the region is also known for its rich reds and aromatic whites, particularly those of Italian descent, such as Sangiovese and Pinot Grigio.
Determining the "best" wines is often subjective, as it varies based on individual preferences. However, some notable wines from King Valley include the region's sparkling Prosecco, which has gained international acclaim. The valley's Sangiovese reds are another standout, known for their deep flavors and harmonious balance. Nebbiolo, another red variety, has also made a name for itself with its complex notes and robust character. Among the whites, Pinot Grigio and Gewürztraminer from King Valley are highly sought-after for their aromatic profiles and refreshing taste. Many local wineries have received accolades and awards, making it a true treasure trove for wine enthusiasts.