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Our Favourite Valentine’s Wine Gifts

Our Favourite Valentine’s Wine Gifts

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner; it’s time to start thinking about the perfect evening and the right gift to show our significant other how much we care. 

Sure, Valentine’s Day might feel a bit commercial nowadays, but the lovable holiday hasn’t lost its meaning. It’s the day on the calendar in which we stop everything we’re doing to say, “I’m here for you.” 

There’s no doubt wine plays a significant role in Valentine’s Day. After all, wine is sexy and heart-warming, a great partner at the table and an uncomplicated way to make any meal feel special. The question is, what is the best wine for Valentine’s Day? From the finest Valentine’s Day red wine to extraordinarily sweet libations, here are the best alternatives for wine delivery for Valentine’s Day. 

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The History of Valentine’s Day

Before talking about a few sensual bottles of the best wine for Valentine’s Day, let’s talk about the holiday itself. This will prove to be a fantastic conversation starter and ice breaker for such a unique hot date. 

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many corners of the earth every February 14, and it’s an homage to Saint Valentine himself. Valentine could have been a priest during the late Roman Empire, who married young couples despite being forbidden by Emperor Claudius. It turns out Mr Valentine was executed for it, not without becoming a symbol of eternal love. 

Valentine’s Day, though, didn’t become the holiday we know today until Pope Gelasius (492 - 496 C.E.) declared February 14, St. Valentine’s Day. By the late 14th century in England, sending valentines and love letters on February 14 was customary. By the 18th century, Valentine’s Day was celebrated overseas, especially in the British colonies.

So, where does wine come into the equation? By the 19th century, exchanging printed or handmade valentine’s cards and love tokens was prevalent, which was the perfect opportunity to hang out late at night around the table. Wine, of course, is the drink of choice for such romantic get-togethers. 

Valentine’s Day and Wine

Wine has a place on the most memorable dinner tables, mainly because such a unique fermented beverage is meant to be enjoyed with others. Wine brings people together, but it also relaxes us and helps us break the ice. Wine’s boozy character certainly puts us in the right mood for love, and that’s why there’s no way of separating Valentine’s Day and wine. 

Unlike any other weeknight, Valentine’s Day calls for a memorable bottle of wine and not just a good sipper. You don’t necessarily need to splurge either, but you do need the right wine to set the mood. 

Food plays a critical role on Valentine’s Day as well, and the menu also determines the right wine for the evening. Valentine’s Day red wine is a traditional choice, but there are many other wine styles out there to turn dinner into a magical evening. 

Valentine’s Day Red Wine

There are many types of red wine. Some are robust and structured, and others are light and fruity. So, what’s the best wine for Valentine’s Day? Well, that depends on a few things, starting with, what’s for dinner? 

Bold and Full-Bodied Red Wine for Valentine’s Day

If you’re having steak for dinner or a hearty dish like a meaty lasagna, you’re better off with a full-bodied red wine. These wines are often big and bold and might have noticeable tannins. Some grapes to look for include Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Malbec, Nebbiolo and Tempranillo. 

Wine to try: 

Mollydooker Two Left Feet Shiraz Cabernet Merlot

Man O War ‘Dreadnought’ Syrah

Medium-Bodied Red Wine for Valentine’s Day 

Red wine needs not to be too astringent or concentrated to be enjoyable. In fact, some of the most alluring red wines are medium-bodied and fruity. If you’re having chicken, turkey, veal, pork or any other white meat, you want a bottle of medium-bodied red wine. Malbec, Merlot, Grenache and the Italian Chianti and Montepulciano are wonderful alternatives. 

Wine to try:

Antinori Peppoli Chianti Classico

Tim Adams’ The Fergus’ Grenache Blend

Light-Bodied and Fruity Red Wine for Valentine’s Day 

For oily fish like salmon or tuna, you’re better off finding a nice bottle of Beaujolais or Pinot Noir. These wines have silky palates and rewarding fruit-forward bouquets. These smooth wines are also quite sexy, so they’re perfect for date night. 

Wine to try:

La Crema Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir

Josef Chromy Pinot Noir 

Valentine’s Day White Wine

White wine is much more versatile than red, especially at the table. White wine can tackle a wide variety of food pairings while adding a refreshing and cooling effect to the experience. Like red wine, white wine can be big and bold or light and zesty. Here is our favourite white wine to order for your wine delivery for Valentine’s Day. 

Full-bodied White Wine for Valentine’s Day

The single most famous full-bodied white wine is Chardonnay, especially if aged in oak casks. Expect golden apple aromas along with scents reminiscent of brioche, vanilla and baking spices. Other white wines with a similar body include the floral and citrusy Viognier. These wines are astounding with poultry, white meat and seafood, especially if cooked in butter. 

Wine to try:

Burns and Fuller Adelaide Hills

John Duval Wines ‘Plexus’ Marsanne Roussanne Viognier

Fruity White Wine for Valentine’s Day

For lighter meals, from sushi to salads, light-bodied white wine is what you need. This doesn’t mean the wine isn’t exciting, though. Try a fragrant Sauvignon Blanc, a peachy Pinot Grigio or a crisp Albariño and enjoy some of the tastiest wines out there. These wines often have noticeable acidity, which acts as a palate cleanser and a refreshing one at that. 

Wine to try:

TWR Sauvignon Blanc

Cave de Turckheim Pinot Gris

Other Wines for Valentine’s Day

The world of wine is much more than reds and whites. Many wine styles can enhance your romantic evening. From bubbles to dessert wines, these are some alternatives you don’t want to miss. 

Sparkling Wine for Valentine’s Day

Sparkling wine is festive. Who doesn’t love a glass of bubbles? The wine style is also ideal for memorable occasions and gives flair to your evening. Get a bottle of Champagne for the real deal, but there are many pretty tasty sparkling wines from other parts of the world, all less expensive than the French fizz. 

Wine to try:

Pommery Brut Rose Champagne Gift Box

42 Degrees South Premier Cuvee

Sweet Wine for Valentine’s Day

Sweet wine is not only the perfect pairing for desserts, but the wine is also dessert in its own right! Sweet, luscious and addictively tasty, these specialty wines are a great way to end a successful Valentine’s Day dinner on a sweet note. From charming Port to golden Sauternes, there are many sweet wines on the shelves, and none disappoint. 

Wine to try:

Quinta Do Noval Tawny, Port

Château Filhot, Sauternes

How to Choose Wine for Valentine’s Day?

Here are a few tips to consider while purchasing wine for Valentine’s Day. There’s no such thing as a universal wine for Valentine’s; we’re all different and need a unique bottle to suit our every need. 

Consider your wine expertise. If you and your significant other are not all that into wine, don’t choose an overly expensive and complex wine; choose something more approachable instead, even if it’s not particularly pricey. Young, fruit-forward wines from the New World are friendlier with inexperienced wine enthusiasts. 

The service matters. Serving the right wine only matters if you serve it at the right temperature in the proper glassware. Wine service often makes wine more enjoyable, so make sure you have proper stemmed crystal wine glasses in hand. White wine is best enjoyed between 4°C and 10°C. For red wine, you want a temperature between 10°C and 16°C. 

Take it easy. Wine is fun, but it’s easy to over-drink, especially if the wine is delicious! Valentine’s Day is not the right time to get tipsy, so take it easy, and enjoy your significant other with a clear mind. 

Don’t overthink it. Don’t worry too much about the right wine for Valentine’s Day; follow the tips on this guide and order a bottle through a specialised wine delivery for Valentine’s Day. Let the experts take care of all your vinous needs. 

Valentine’s Day Wine Gift Ideas

Exchanging gifts on Valentine’s Day is more than a tradition. For many couples, it’s a big deal, which means that choosing the right wine gift for Valentine’s is paramount. Wine is a fabulous gift for Valentine’s Day, not only because it’s a thoughtful alternative but also because it’s a gift you can share with your significant other. Wine is intimate, romantic and exciting — what better gift for Valentine’s Day? 

This February 14, benefit from World Wine’s wine delivery for Valentine’s Day and enjoy a memorable evening with your loved one. Wishing you and your forever valentine the sweetest, happiest day, have a happy Valentine’s Day!