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Read about Müller-Catoir

 “Considering the extraordinary diversity of superior wines it produces, Müller-Catoir is the Pfalz’s greatest estate. Who else has achieved such brilliance with not only Riesling, but with Muskatellar, Schreurebe and Rieslaner?” Robert M. Parker Jr. The World’s Greatest Wine Estates 2005

“Each wine is like an essence of its grapes yet, however dense and powerful, Müller-Catoir wines possess an excellent harmony.  Showered with praise during the last decade, this estate is now widely recognised as one of the country’s best.” Stuart Pigott, Wine Atlas of Germany

“All the wines from Müller-Catoir are outstanding, effortlessly combining an intensity of flavour with an undeniable exoticism. The Rieslings can be brilliant, their richness balanced by a vibrant acidity, and the Scheurebe can usually persuade me that I like Scheurebe. And it was here, many years ago, that I learned how wonderful Rieslaner can be. It has higher acidity then Riesling, so sweet Rieslaner is never cloying, and always has an invigorating raciness and zest. The BAs and TBA's can be amongst the great sweet wines of Germany.” Stephen Brook, The Wines of Germany, Mitchell Beazley.

What has made these wines comparable to the very best Rieslings in the world? Firstly, the Estate has maintained the legacy of founder Günther Schwarz. He was a purist, a stickler for organics, very low yields and minimal interventionism before these things became popular. Each harvest is limited through restrictive vine pruning in the winter, supplemented by cluster thinning in the summer. Soil is given meticulous care (mostly permanent green cover) and there is selective hand-picking of very small grape quantities by hand. Since grapes are always harvested extremely late on this Estate, the musts are cold when they arrive in the cellar and so ferments commence slowly without any yeast inoculation. After racking, the wines are not touched again, save for a smidgeon of SO2, until they are bottled. The use of only perfect and perfectly ripe fruit and the non intervention in the cellar results in wines of high extract figures, ripe acidity and powerful vineyard character.

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