Hugel Pinot Blanc Classic 2018

Size: 750

About This Wine

This wine has a very youthful, fresh and dynamic colour with a shimmering crystalline pale pastel green colour and a scintillating surface, overlaid with hints of springtime, pistachio and verbena leaves. It has a very nice and refreshing, open and expressive nose, which is rich with a sound and lively aroma; there is an agreeable and harmonious approach charged with the fruity spontaneity of green apples, white peaches, lemon balm and spring flowers. On the palate it is a well-balanced and pleasant soft dry wine which is also fresh, refreshing, and pleasingly well-rounded, it calls out to be enjoyed, and leaves a nice, fruity and well stated aroma. It should be enjoyed during its virile youth and can be laid down for 3 to 5 years. This is a very agreeable and well-structured wine which is perfect when served cool at 8°C. Ideal for aperitifs. A nice wine to start the meal and an ideal complement to the wines to follow... Excellent value for money. Recommended to accompany with sea and fresh-water fish, preferably grilled, in sauce, smoked, marinated or at the start of a meal, with asparagus, Mackerel in aspic, seafood platters, goat or sheep cheese or simply enjoyed as a pleasant, easy to drink white wine.

Type White Wine
Varietal(s) Pinot Blanc Auxerrois Blanc
Country France
Region Alsace
Brand Hugel
Vintage 2018

Alsatian wine

Alsace is a unique wine region in North Eastern France, bordering Germany and having also been under German control for much of its existence. Due to this influence, unlike other French regions, wines from Alsace are mostly single varietal bottlings and are also labelled with the variety. They also are legally required to use a tall slimmer bottle called flûtes d'Alsace, that is also commonly seen with German wines.

Almost all the wine produced in the region is white (90%) except for Pinot Noir which is used mainly for sparkling wine. Alsace is most known for its Riesling, which is dry, fresh and floral in its youth but develops complex mineral and flint character with age. Following behind is Gewurztraminer with signature spice and beautiful lychee aromatics. The smell of this wine is intoxicating, it is used to make dry but also late harvest dessert wines. Pinot Gris is also a prized variety of the region with its combination of crisp acidity and savory spice as well as ripe stone fruit flavours.

In Autumn humidity builds up to facilitate the development of “noble rot” to produce late-picked sweet wines. In Alsace there are two classifications for late harvest wines: Vendange Tardive (VT) and Sélection de Grains Nobles (SGN). VT for regular late harvest wines and SGN meaning grapes affected by noble rot.

Other varieties grown here include Pinot Blanc, Muscat, Auxerrois, Chasselas and Sylvaner.

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