Riedel O Series Wine Glasses and Wine Set

About This Wine

This Red is in a "glass" of its own ...

From a company known for their exquisite glassware and a winery and grape region known for complex and interesting reds, comes this combination.

It’s true, the right wine glass will seriously enhance your experience of a wine, allowing aromas to show their full potential and the whole taste spectrum to be properly explored. Besides which, it is fun and makes the occasion special.

Someone you know must deserve this.

The Riedel O Series Wine Glass and Wine Set includes:

  • Riedel ‘O’ Series Shiraz Twin Pack wine glasses. From one of the world's most famous glassware manufactures, the O Series are a stylish, stemless design - appearing to float on the table.
  • Bailey’s of Glenrowan 2015 Shiraz. This wine has delicious, upfront, dark-berried fruit flavour and lively aromatics.
  • Presented in a gift box lined with satin tissue and tied with ribbons.
  • If this is a gift, your own personal gift message printed on a lovely World Wine gift card. Just add your message to the notes section as you checkout.
Type Gifts
Country Australia
Brand World Wine

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