World Wine's Super Special Dozen - All Reds

About This Wine

World Wine's Super Special Dozens are a step up in quality and pedigree from our already very popular Sale Dozens - which makes these Super Special Dozens really rather .. Special!

If the Sale Dozens are for everyday drinking, the Super Special Dozens are for somewhat more important occasions - for dinner parties, for gifts, as quality food matches, for shorter-term cellaring.

We've capped the price at $289/case, which is a serious saving to the added-up price of all twelve wines in the cases. And compared to the Sale Dozens, which draw on a pool of 80-100 different wines, the Super Special Dozens are drawn from more than five hundred different wines, so there's some truly fabulous gems that'll appear in your case/s - and every case you buy will be different.

There will be wines from different regions, different countries, top producers (mostly small and artisanal) and better vintages. All have excellent provenance – that is, they've been stored with care at the right temperature. So we try to strike a balance between beautiful, drinkable, collectible and cellarable wines – the rosés case a little less so, as rosé is essentially a drink-now wine.

There are reds, whites, rosés, sparklings, and mixed dozens (this is the reds dozen), chosen to be profoundly rewarding to drink, to enjoy with food, to delight a recipient or to grace your wine storage.

And, as most wines are enjoyed with food, the Super Special Dozens tend to be selected from cooler-climate regions, with slightly more acid, lower alcohol, and less oak, to enhance their rapport with meals.

Buy as many cases as you wish, all are freight-free, and all are available for despatch now.
Type Special Cases
Brand World Wine

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